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What Sells Well

Lots of things and it's impossible to list them all.

In reality all sorts of items sell well on auction sites. So it's difficult to provide you with a comprehensive list. That said, my experience suggests that some items sell better than others and so although this list is by no means exhaustive, it's a good place to start.

Sports equipment

Bikes (adult & children's), cross trainers & gym equipment, golf clubs and diving equipment.

What helps them sell?
Manuals and booklets,  guarantees or receipts.

Consumer electronics

Cameras, mobile phones, DVD players, games consoles like Nintendo DS Lite, PlayStations, PSPs and all the associated games that go with these consoles. .

What helps them sell?
Original boxes and packaging. Manuals and booklets. Cabling or connectors, etc. As well as any add-ons that you may have bought like screen protectors, etc.

Ornaments and Furniture

Could be anything from your living room, bedroom, dining room furniture, in fact furniture from anywhere in your home.

What helps them sell?
Providing me with as much information as possible. Items like unwanted Lladro are always popular sellers.

Designer clothing & accessories

Designer branded clothing - men's or women's including bags & shoes. Designer labels such as Prada, Versace, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Chanel. Excellent condition, new or little wear. ANYTHING with a Ralph Lauren label will sell and even if it has been worn as long as it's in good condition then it will sell. Please note that these must be GENUINE articles.

What helps them sell?
Tag labels are great if they're still in place.  (We suggest items which have a saleable value of approx. 50 as a guideline).

Antiques & collectables

Small collectables (e.g. dolls, fans or vintage camera), furniture or jewellery. Branded china, crystal and porcelain.

What helps them sell?
Good condition, ideally not chipped or broken too badly, any original packaging. History of items. Certificates of authentication.


Musical instruments

Pianos or keyboards, guitars, cellos, any musical instrument will basically sell!

What helps them sell?
Good condition.

Jewellery 18/24ct gold and designer costume jewellery

Watches, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

What helps them sell?
Leading brands are great. Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Chanel, Butler & Wilson. The original box/packaging. Age and authentication.


What else will sell?

Gosh. Loads of different things. In fact it's impossible to provide a complete list because almost anything can sell. We've even sold an aircraft on eBay before!

So the best advice is to let us know about your item(s) and we'll tell you whether we think it has a fair, good or excellent chance of selling at auction. We promise to give you an honest assessment.

Any gifts which are not wanted. Like do you have a gorgeous Mont Blanc pen that was once given to you, but actually you never use it? Did someone buy you a top of the range workbench that is just being stored in the garage? Let's sell it for you.

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