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What It Costs

There's no charge for assessing your item

We don't make a charge for appraising the items you tell us about in order to judge whether they are likely to sell.

There's no charge for photography and preparing the listing

If we agree to take on your item then there's no charge for preparing your item for listing. We'll photograph it, research it and write compelling copy to help promote it on the auction site.

There's no charge for invoicing and shipping

We will deal with all questions and inquiries for all items and when it sells we'll deal with the invoicing, packing and despatch, as well as chasing and receiving payment.

We earn all our money through sharing the sale proceeds

The split on each sale is 50/50.

We pay all the costs out of our half. These include eBay and PayPal fees and typically amount to around 15% of the total.

We charge a flat 5% administration, handling, management, storage and/or packing fee from the total sale price.

You should still end up with more money overall

A well worded listing (including photography) can often double the price of any item sold, so although you're sharing the sale proceeds, you may well end up doing better overall by using our expertise. 

Put simply... this is a hassle free way of turning your unwanted items into cash.

And let's face it - it's not earning you anything by cluttering up your home!


Turn Your Clutter Into Cash