My New Baby

My new baby

Whenever we go and see a new born baby of a family member or close friend, my other half pipes up and says “wouldn’t it be nice if we had another one?” Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family as it is thanks very much but I’ve done my bit for society. I’ve even done the animals as well. For me, my next focus in life is to continue to grow my online auction business a.k.a

You see I love working with my other AuctionGirls and doing so many varying aspects of the job that people sometimes don’t realise.

It can be very stressful when you are trying to write up great copy ready to list on eBay. And just when you think you’re on top of things, the questions to current items keep flooding in, more client visits need arranging, the computer crashes and you lose what you are working in, winning bidders aren’t getting back to you and the list of things that require dealing with continues to grow.

And those are just the work aspects. Throw in when one of the kids goes down ill, the grocery shopping has gone beyond essential that even the dog looks like he is about to start complaining about the lack of food in the house and running around on the after school activity run, life can really be quite fraught.

But please don’t get me wrong because I’m lucky and I am really enjoying what I am doing. And I constantly keep reminding my other half about this (who is my technical support by the way)! is my current baby that I am looking forward to watching grow and mature and eventually be less reliant on me. I still seem to be awaking up in the middle of the night though thinking about new ideas and things to do. As I say it is like having a baby all over again and it really is great!

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