Business and….

Business and….

Well the other word that usually goes cap in hand with business is pleasure of course. But actually I was going to be a bit different and say


As the winter months start to slowly pass us by, the nights aren’t drawing in quite as early and after some good bright days it feels like perhaps Spring might just be around the corner.

And with that not only will be extra busy visiting clients who are looking to spring clean their homes and wanting to urgently de-clutter their houses and garages but the 2011 Virgin London Marathon looms ever closer.

Yes I am in training for the second London Marathon having completed another one in 2007. I would say that most people really don’t get it – they think that in a word, well I’m mad. I guess to take a sporting challenge on that you have to work really hard at achieving isn’t a normal thing to do. The time commitment that you have to put in is quite big but if you want to do something then nothing should stop you.

And I’m not doing it alone which is even better as my fellow AuctionGirl is also running her fourth marathon (third in London)! So coupled with juggling family life and business we throw in the London Marathon as well!

Let me tell you some great things about running. An obvious one would be the element of keeping fit which is important for me personally. But it is also about going out and really clearing my head. Some of my best ideas genuinely occur when I am out on the road you could say.  I don’t know if others find these ideas inspirational but I’m always happy to share them when I get back! I love just being able to leave the house and run and every run you do will always be different to your last one.

I know it is something that many or most people don’t get and I do understand that.  But for me personally, it gives me a personal sense of achievement. And better still, this year we have both chosen an unbelievably fantastic charity to run for. The Willow Foundation – – provides special days out for seriously ill 16 to 40 year olds. If that doesn’t inspire you then I’m not sure what does.

I’d better stop or you’ll accuse me of being a running bore. Just check out the great work that this charity do though!

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