Are you an ‘eBayer’ and ‘Amazoner’ or more of a high street shopper?

If you cast your mind back to the middle of March, it was Red Nose Day in aid of Comic Relief. Having had almost two weeks’ notice from school about it being a non-uniform day to support the charity, those that know me well and who are reading this blog will not be surprised to hear that I operate under pressure or in organised chaos! This means that 3 days before my twin’s start asking what they are going to wear.

Now sadly I was not blessed with a creative bone in my body which means that the thought of a non-uniform day fills me with dread. I honestly don’t have the ability to dream up some imaginative outfit and frankly, the kids know this. So I’m frantically ordering a red onesie and a pair of red shorts to keep the kids happy, justifying the expenditure by telling myself that they can wear their purchases on other occasions.

The ‘onesie’ was an easy Amazon purchase and it arrived just in time (literally). The shorts were purchased online from John Lewis and arrived exceptionally quickly by having them sent to a local petrol station for collection. Ingenious as it was a far cheaper option than the next day delivery service!

So these purchases got me thinking about the way in which our shopping patterns have evolved over the last 5 years or so. So I have thought about how I shop and would describe my behaviour in the following way: I shop on Amazon for birthday presents for kids. There is such an array of gifts to purchase that it just makes life extremely easy. It’s also great for buying vouchers and electronic gadgets.

Now whilst I like to think of myself of a selling guru on eBay, in actual fact I don’t actually buy that much on the site! If I am making a purchase it will be an item that has been placed on the website at a buy now price as opposed to being on auction. I have on occasion bid on items but have always taken the view of putting in my highest bid and will do my utmost not be drawn in when I have been outbid on an item.

And then it comes to shopping on the High Street. I want to support our local shops and appreciate having a High Street yet the ease of online shopping also suits my lifestyle. I juggle work and home life and try to fit in as much as possible into my working day – which is whilst my kids are at school. If I remember a late purchase then it just works to buy the item online as it can all happen within minutes, and at the click of a button.

I think that that there is still a place for shops in our lives. The service that you receive, especially on the High Street, really is unrivalled. I try to ensure that I support these shops but do like the freedom that internet shopping provides to make my life easier!

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