No time for fooling around in April!

As I sit here at the tail end of a beautiful bank holiday Easter weekend,  I cannot believe that we are already a quarter through the year!  Where exactly has the time gone?!

Many of you may be all too familiar with this – you feel like that hamster in a wheel, just running and running yet never quite getting off. And, whilst our regular readers will know that both Belinda and I are partial to running in an athletic sense, I am actually referring to the relentless feel of life running away without having the complete sense of achievement. Don’t get me wrong as I’m not complaining, just musing about our lives!

I have been reflecting on our year to date so far.  Busy and exciting are two words that instantly spring to mind. Work, as ever, continues to be hugely enjoyable.  The favourite question asked by our clients would be ‘what is the most unusual item that you have sold?’ So far this year we have sold a huge quantity of beautiful furniture covering every spectrum from antiques, to what is regarded as vintage, retro and very contemporary pieces. And we love it all for all sorts of different reasons!  There is no single piece that stands out currently but there is still plenty of time!

I do tend to get very attached to certain pieces of furniture and probably spend too long looking at them and trying to research their history. Whilst it is part of the course that we want the auctions to do well, often we also want to find lovely homes for the pieces that we have sold. There is nothing more satisfying than calling a client on a Monday morning to update them on a successful auction. Once items have been collected it is great to let them know just how ecstatic the buyer is with their item. To many people the idea of parting with their possessions can be very difficult and this definitely eases the pain!

On a personal level, life has been extremely chaotic, mainly in good ways with the odd hiccup along the way! Between us Belinda and I have seven children and a fair number of pets so there is always something interesting or eventful going on! In terms of goals we like to set ourselves we both love our sports, particularly running, skiing, snowboarding and triathlon so there is always plenty to contemplate there!  Each run can be the best or the worst run in the world on a daily basis, but most importantly our sports give us time out from everyone and time to think and let our minds wander. I never underestimate the benefits of how remaining physically active is crucial to a personal and business lives.

It’s been a great few months. I’m looking forward to another busy quarter and long may the sun continue to shine!


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