So what’s the plan today?

As a rule, I don’t ever like to talk on behalf of anyone else. However, I can say with some certainty that Marla & I both love trading on eBay!

Sundays evenings are usually a time for most people to be relaxing. There’s a precarious balance between enjoying the remaining few hours of what’s left of the weekend and at the same time, casting your thoughts to the week ahead.

Sunday evenings don’t work like that for AuctionGirl! One of the team will be on standby, ready to work. Our auctions are usually all finishing minutes apart over the space of a couple of hours. And there is still a thrill to be had from the final minutes – or often seconds for those who have sniping software! The tension on a Sunday evening can often be huge! There will be the occasion where we will be shouting at our screens, trying our hardest to see the item creep up in price (just a bit more)! And, then there are times where eBay does not get updated fast enough and an item will jump up in price significantly without us seeing this take place! Thanks to every possible gadget – computer, tablet and phone – and we sometimes still miss out on the best bit happening!

Moving onto late Sunday evening, our minds are turning towards the work that needs to be done the following day. This will involve packing items that are to be sent out in the post and also arranging collections with buyers from items that they have purchased.

And once Monday is out of the way and we have updated our clients on how their items sold, the eBay junkies are then thinking to the week ahead. Our thoughts then start turning towards the next batch of items that need to be photographed and listings written for the following week. And so the excitement builds again!

I think that one of the best parts of the job is that every day is different. Last week I went to see a client who had used us a few years ago. Photographing her items only took a few minutes but we were actually chatting for much longer than that as it was just lovely catching up. Following the appointment I had every intention to write her listings but it didn’t happen. I received a call from another returning client who I hadn’t seen in over  a year and so stopped in to view those items(great retro pieces coming for sale in the next couple of weeks incidentally)!

So no two days are usually ever the same. It’s a really juggle between seeing client’s finding time to write listings and also be strategic and think about the future. And when you get the call where a client has a tight turn around and is moving in ten days then all the planning in the world will just go out of the window! Fortunately I love what I do. Would I ever want it any other way? No, of course not!

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