How can eBay work for business?

The AuctionGirl blog is designed to talk about our personal experiences of selling over several years. This week I am sharing thoughts on how eBay can work for businesses. Please do let me know about your own experiences as well, whether they are good or bad, and if you would like more details on the service we provide then please do get in touch.

For me and my business partner, eBay is what we do! We sell on behalf of client’s so it is a service for those who lack the time or expertise to trade on eBay themselves. What do we sell is usually the very first question that we are asked. Well, this can be almost anything from huge lots of office furniture, to kitchens and designer handbags. The list of items that we have sold in five and a half years of trading is long and varied.

It’s really important to look and be able to recognise what will sell well on eBay. Yet, we will regularly come across items that we have not sold before. We will then undertake extensive research in order to work out the value. This is actually one of my favourite parts of the job, spending time researching and using social media to try and ascertain what is potentially being offered.

Some private individuals have no interest in seeing what eBay has to offer, either as a buyer or seller. Yet, as a business, from a selling perspective, I feel that there are a whole host of real opportunities out there that are worth investigating and seeing what eBay has to offer.

We have had a great deal of success over the last couple of years selling surplus office furniture for our client’s (such as desks, chairs, pedestals and cupboards). We don’t just think about the easiest way of selling the items but will concentrate on how to best sell everything in order to maximise profits and the chances of having numerous successful auctions. Businesses are often up against tight timescales and we are extremely mindful of this as it can have an impact on the most effective way to sell all surplus items.

And at some point in every office there is a need to upgrade technical equipment. This may be anything from changing computer screens, keyboards, telephone systems or printers. The list of possibilities here really is endless! Now, due to changes and updates in technology such items do not tend to hold their value yet there is still a market out there for these pieces. If you take a monitor for instance, if it is required for a really straightforward purpose (as opposed to something graphics related) then the latest most up to date model is just not needed. It’s a waste. So before thinking that all the technical equipment needs to be binned, it’s worth having a think about seeing if there is any value.

Another great way that businesses can use eBay is to sell surplus stock. This doesn’t have to be the latest items but if you are looking to clear space then why not sell some goods that have been lurking around on the shelves for a while? If you are realistic about a price that you would like to achieve per unit then eBay is a massive market place and well worth investigating.

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2 Responses to How can eBay work for business?

  1. Andrew says:

    I have used Ebay for a number of years, more recently for selling new Casio Watch Straps. However, since March 2015 we have had fluctuating sales. Scouring the forums many other people have also noticed that sales have suddenly dipped. There sreem to be all manner of theories as to why this is the case, from the Ebay splt from Paypal to a general downturn in the economy.
    I believe Ebay have serious technical issues, may be caused in part by the split from Paypal as sales to our own website remain consistent, whereas Ebay sales can fall by up to 75% on some days.
    I would ne interested to hear if you feel your sales volumes have suffered since March this year.

    • admin says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Hope you’re well. Interesting to hear about your personal experiences with eBay. Fortunately our sales have not suffered but remember that by enlarge we are selling second hand goods on behalf of others and thankfully we are really busy. What I would say is that we sell different items to when we originally started the business. For instance, our experince shows that clothes don’t sell as well on eBay any more so we tend to turn down these types of items down. eBay as ever seem to make changes – it seems to be more rather than less complicated if a buyer now opens a case and that’s just one example. We’ve been so busy that the blog has taken a back seat but it will be back so please do stay in touch. All the best, AuctionGirl

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