eBay Success & Failures

Take a trip out with friends – it may be a lovely walk or a long lunch – and I can almost guarantee that at some point there will be someone in the crowd who mentions something related to eBay. The story may well be about buying or selling but there is always someone around who has a tale to tell. It then usually catapults into a fully blown conversation involving favourite success and failure stories that people just love recalling.

The success stories out there will often relate to one of two things. Firstly, it’s natural to love a bargain and I am always happy to hear a tale where a buyer has been able to purchase an item at a price that they are really happy with. And the feeling of euphoria about eBay will often occur when someone has managed to sell something successfully. I’m always telling friends that eBay selling is not rocket science but in my opinion, the eBay user interface is not particularly user friendly and it can be quite quirky.

I tried helping a friend sell some items last week. She popped round with her iPhone in hand and asked me how to change location as she did not actually have the item she was selling with her. I actually could not work out the eBay app on her phone.

Euphoria will also strike home when you manage to sell something at a stonking price or are just content with the price achieved and that the goods have found a new home and are out of your way!

Then we move onto the eBay failures. This will usually involve stories where people have experienced nothing but a nightmare from start to finish. They think they have sold something only to be messed around incessantly on collection or worse still, not be paid for the item that was won.

Incidentally, my own personal bug bear is selling something, being paid for the item and then having no success on contacting the buyer to arrange the collection. As someone who acts as an intermediary, this almost frustrates me more than anything else! Fast payment is always appreciated but the sales process for us is not completed until the items have been dispatched and feedback has been received.

The failures as a buyer can often be disappointment at receiving something that was not as described or worse still, receiving a fake item or no item at all!

More often than not, people recount to us the stories which are just about how they found the entire eBay experience total aggravation! This will be because the other party (irrespective of whether they are a buyer or seller) is behaving in a dishonest fashion and this usually involves a deal being reneged on.

The disappointment about the failures is that in truth, eBay does actually work as it should. Think about this – when you have a good retail shopping experience do you ask for the manager and congratulate them on employing helpful staff and providing an excellent stock range? No. But if no-one is helpful and you cannot find what you want, you can be sure that someone will ask to speak to someone in authority! The point I’m making is that the bad stories will always be the ones that everyone hears about and not the successes.

Oh and when you tell you someone that you sell for clients on their behalf on eBay they love recounting their own experiences of eBay trading. The stories are endless but it can often end in us receiving new clients so I can hardly complain!

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