Does it matter what you sell at any one time?

As faithful readers will only be too aware, AuctionGirl sell for client’s on eBay. When we make appointments we will always ask our client’s what they are selling. We like to get a gauge of this so that we can take up any necessary research in advance. Or, provide them with stories of having sold such items successfully for other clients.  And what we see in any one given week really does vary from one week to the next.

We will always advise our clients to hold onto items that we perceive are not right for eBay at that point in time. Selling garden furniture, for instance, in January is likely to be bought by a savvy eBay buyer who is looking to get a great item at a bargain price. Selling that item prior to the first bank holiday weekend in the Spring will see the item attain a much higher price.

So what we sell really does vary. There are business sellers out there who prefer to sell like-minded items but we are unable to work in that way on the basis that we almost never know what we will be asked to sell from one week to the next.

So I often wonder if sellers receive better prices for selling similar things as opposed to selling almost anything!? Over 5 years of trading I have come to the conclusion that on balance, I don’t think that it actually matters. If you have items that you want to sell then just sell them!

Don’t get me wrong. We know that it definitely works selling similar items where the auctions are ending at the same time. I believe that if you have a listing up for more than one piece of pine furniture for instance, then there is a good possibility that any potentially interested buyer will decide to bid on more than one of those pieces. Being able to collect pieces of furniture from one seller will make the buyer’s life much easier (and the seller won’t be complaining either)!

I think it is great if you want to specialise in one area and would certainly advise those starting out selling on eBay to sell a couple of various products. You can then make your mind up and decide if it works to just sell whatever you have to hand or to specialise.

The theory is the same but also be aware that not everything will sell in the same way. Experienced sellers will use specific software to gauge the success of an item. For instance a mahogany sideboard has a very low chance of selling because there is very little demand for dark wood and very traditional furniture. But if that sideboard is made of oak then you know that there is a good chance of having a really successful auction.

Others may disagree with what I have said. I think that if you have a shop and are selling new products then you will be focussed but as sellers who trade on eBay on behalf of our clients we are happy to sell anything. We’re confident of getting the best prices out there and know exactly how eBay works. If you are thinking of selling yourself on eBay then try a few bits and pieces and just give it a go and see what happens! Oh and my top tip would be to be totally truthful about the item that you are selling and its condition.

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