Christmas Trading

We’re approaching the middle of December and it’s certainly a busy old month. I start each day thinking of all the things that need doing before I even contemplate the day job! The buying of gifts, the organising and the everyday chores – the list is just endless. Then there are one or two party nights out and the following day doesn’t end up being quite as productive as I had possibly hoped! The problem is that I am very mindful of my time because once everyone in the family has left for school this is crucial working time. I also work in the evenings on one or two nights a week – once everyone is home and back from activities I can often sit down and crack on with some work.

December for eBay trading is almost done for us. There are probably ten more days of trading left and then that’s really it. We have to allow for any winning auction items to be paid for and then they are dispatched. It’s undoubtedly the worst month for queuing at the Post Office but it has to be done and that is a huge appeal for many of our clients as to why they use our service.

Last week we placed an advert in a local lifestyle magazine – Optima – and the response has been fantastic. It covers a huge number of areas and the response, in particular in Chorleywood and Rickmansworth has been fantastic. We are now going to appointments in readiness for listing the furniture at the start of January.

Our priorities over the festive season will be to recharge our batteries and take a well-earned rest for a few days. We also need to take some time to plan our advertising for the year ahead and think about how and where our expenditure should be. With an ever growing increase in online marketing, this is an area that we need to explore and continue to invest money in as well.

I’m often asked what happens on eBay over the Christmas period. I would love to provide a definitive answer but the honest truth is that it can still be busy. Personally, I prefer to take a week off. I always worry that if I am selling furniture it will perhaps not attain the best prices as people are distracted with festive activities. Items such as collectibles will always sell. The only exemptions will be where people are moving house and there are the obvious time constraints associated with this.  Very often those buying will be looking for real bargain so unless you have no option I would hold back from selling just for a week that’s all!

So yes a bit of time off will be perfect. Mind you, thinking about it, I shall be catering for the masses so I expect that by the start of January I may well be skipping back to the office in readiness for the month ahead!

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