Exercise – the necessary evil!

I am typing this blog feeling incredibly lethargic. It’s the middle of the afternoon and I feel like I could crawl into bed. The heating is on because it is so cold but it’s making me feel drowsy. It’s December and the last thing I should be thinking about is getting forty winks in the middle of the afternoon. The list of jobs that need doing – in between working – range from festive shopping to buying dog food to filling out forms for school. I bumped into someone I knew at the supermarket last night. We didn’t need words to speak because the look that we gave each other really said it all. It’s the beginning of the working week and we both looked weary and exhausted!

I had a really busy weekend with my ten year old daughter participating in a cheerleading competition. She was competing for two days at Crystal Palace which in mileage terms is really not that far away but trying to get there from home can be quite a challenge. Anyway, the good news was that her squad did fantastically well and they won first place in both categories that they were competing in. The bad news for me though was that sitting in the National Arena on hard plastic seats for several hours each day really was not helpful to my health! It was very hot and humid and with little to do whilst waiting for teams to compete, I found myself grazing through all the food that I had brought with.

So come Monday morning with a happy child and a busy weekend over I was looking forward to getting back to work. The first thing that I wanted to do was go for a run. I went onto the treadmill and had to turn it off after a couple of minutes. I was in agony with my back. It was bizarre because it wasn’t like I had been doing something that gave me the injury – I was just in incredible agony. I came off the treadmill and instead, decided to take my dogs for a walk. The desire to have some fresh air after having been stuck in an indoor arena for two days was immense.

Day two and my back still feels sore but I still feel lethargic and I think it is because I have done no exercise for 4 days. I struggle to fit it in yet I know it really clears my head especially when I have a day ahead working in front of the computer for several hours. It is really important to fit in the exercise and I feel like I am missing the endorphins.

It’s easy to quantify how exercise makes a difference to your body as you can see the results. It’s not so easier seeing the impact of how exercise affects your persona and mind. I know realise that it provides me with a clearer perspective and gives my working day a fresh perspective. Coupled with the rapidly approaching party season, some late nights out and lots of festive food and drink I’m really hoping the exercise regime can recommence tomorrow. Whether it does or not… I’ll have to let you know!



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  1. Lisa Soryano says:

    I am enjoying reading your blogs Belinda. It’s nice to know that there are other women feeling just as exhausted as I am. I am tired of feeling tired! However, I must commend you to even have the thought and will for exercise. I suppose walking the dog can count as exercise can’t it? Yes, indeed a busy time of year, lots of shopping to do. Can that count as exercise too? Clocking up the mileage marching from one shop to another? I really am trying!

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