Sink or swim that is the question?!

Quite how we’ve almost arrived at the end of November I just don’t know and I’m just not sure if I’m sinking or swimming at this point in time!

Since the kids went back to school in September, the term has just flown by. There are the endless journeys to and from football training coupled with the seven hours of cheerleading that my daughter partakes in on a weekly basis. And not forgetting the school netball and girl’s football matches coupled with local team Sunday league football (times 2) for the boys. Sometimes, it just seems relentless.

Last week was totally exhausting. Imagine the scene: I had spent an afternoon driving around for my various kids and finally, arriving home four hours after school pick, I felt totally done in! I turned up at the front door and I was looking forward to hanging up my chauffeur’s hat for that particular evening. Unbelievably my other half was home before me and far earlier than expected. I was rather surprised to see him open the door and even more shocked to be greeted with a glass of red wine (honestly, not by favourite tipple but the thought was there)! And, as you can imagine it went down a treat!

You see I love driving around but do think that I miss the lighter evenings. I can’t help but feel that driving around from one activity to another is harder work once the clocks have gone back. Well moan over I guess. Before we know it we’ll be at the shortest day which is less than a month away!

I’m tending to glaze over the fact the festive season is just around the corner. It will happen and all come together, just like it does every year! I know I need to balance some high street shopping to support the many fabulous local businesses in the community with some easy no brainer shopping from the warmth of my office.

I’m desperately trying to put aside some thinking time to think about  and how to take the business forward in 2015. I have to confess that I’m not very good at finding time to do this but know that I should! I have all the ideas in my head but need to try and make some sense out of all of them. The tail end of the year often seems like a naturally good time to do that but then perhaps it isn’t because there is so much going on. And why start trying to be thoughtful and come up with new business challenges when actually the pressures are already huge at this time of the year.

On a work level, there are always the clients moving home who have to be our priority and our aim is to ensure that when they use our service we are making the process easy and hassle free. But at this time of year we have to create listings as quickly and effectively as possible on those items which are ‘time sensitive’ at this time of year. There is no point leaving the unwanted gifts to sell in January – the market is quiet then. Now is the time so there are the added work pressures there that we have to cope with. I came from a sales background and accept having to deal with pressure is part of any sales job. I’m looking forward to the month ahead being busy yet at the same time making the most of being my own boss!

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