Lots of work and very little time!

As we settle into the month of June it has occurred to me that in 7 weeks all my kids will be finishing school for the summer.

During the school holidays, work still continues but not at the same rapid pace that we usually operate at. I am always mindful of having family time and not having the children out the door at 9:00am every day. It is their holiday and I do try and ensure that it is relaxing for everyone. I try and manage the balance between them having some activities to go to but not fulfilling every second of their waking day. They are kids and there is often nothing wrong with ‘hanging out’ at home, entertaining themselves and just having some down time.

So I am now starting to think about our work load and pipeline of work for the next few weeks and I can honestly that we have enough work to keep us going into the summer and beyond! Believe me I am not complaining, it’s great, but we have so much work coming up.

Much of this has come about thanks to returning clients. I think last week we had calls from 6 clients who have used us over the last two years. What’s interesting is that we only sold a few pieces for some of these customers but they now would like our help with other projects or moving home! It’s great but we have just been staggered – yet delighted – by having all these calls. We are finding that more and more of our work is becoming referral based. However, this does not put us off still wanting to grow and expand the business.

I am starting to feel that we will be unable to take on any more work as we have to be able to still provide a high quality service. So much so, that an advertiser called me last week and it was a publication that I was interested in finding more information about as I have thought about advertising with them. However, it is important to keep the balance of advertising and having your name out there but I actually feel that we need a breather and should consider further new means of marketing come September.

Interestingly, some of the publications that we have been committed to over the last year are now also starting to generate a good response and we are receiving numerous enquiries. I know that a one off advert has very little impact and it is much better to commit to a minimum of 3 adverts so that the name gets recognised. And, with the type of service we offer I often find that people do tend to keep hold of our details and cut them out of the magazine.

So, on that note, I am off to make some more appointments for next week. I have told Marla no more appointments for this week (or else)! In actual fact, what usually happens is that she sticks to it and I am the one who sneakily tries to put one or two more meetings in the diary! It is a real juggling act getting out to meetings yet having time in the office to write listings for everything that we are selling. And don’t forget there is research to undertake, compile all the photographs that have been taken, catalogue all the items and so on. And the list goes on. But as I said earlier in the blog, really, I’m happily complaining!

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  1. Steve says:

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