Constantly striving……

After a few weeks break from blogging we are back…hope you haven’t missed us too much!

At Auction Girl we believe in challenging ourselves both in business and personally and as I have mentioned before….and sorry to harp on about it….we have a love for running and triathlon.  Recently Belinda took part in a Tough Mudder…the word mud became the operative word of the day, Belinda and her entire team were caked in mud, cold and wet, but had a fabulous day, not one to stand around she is about to take part next weekend in a local half marathon which is part of an event at Stanborough Park.  For myself having last weekend completed an Ironman 70.3 triathlon I am training towards a full distance Ironman triathlon at the end of July, so physically we are both feeling challenged!

Mentally our minds are constantly faced with the daily challenges of running a business and how to further develop AuctionGirl further. Our lovely clients, both private and businesses, are returning at a rate of knots, this of course is really satisfying and I guess this a testament to us doing a good job on our client’s behalves.

Taking a few moments to reflect, we have spent a good deal of this year so far selling huge job lots of office furniture and kitchens, currently we are working on a very large job lot of top end designer furniture and with plenty of variety of additional sales in between. You see we sell everything from collectable items, sports gear, electrical equipment, antiques, musical instruments, furniture of all types, all categories we sell both new and used items, the list goes on and YES…this includes your kitchen sink! We are incredibly lucky with the variety of items that we sell, it is just so interesting, we photograph and research each individual item, whether it is a type of item we have sold previously or a totally new one, there is always something new for us to learn.  Always give us a call and ask, however, unusual you think your item maybe we will always happily take a look!

As we are fast approaching half way through the year….which just doesn’t seem possible…it is time for us to review our marketing strategy and forward book our advertising for the run up to Christmas…did I really say that? It has certainly been an exciting first half of the year for us and we are constantly striving to become more efficient in the way we work and develop our business, I guess there is never a finished product when it comes to a business model and you learn as you grow.  We try our hardest to provide both our clients and buyers with the best service that we possibly can, mostly I can honestly say we doing well in this department, but when things do occasionally not go quite according to plan we always stop and ask ourselves…what did we learn from that?

In truth the reason we have not written a blog for the last few weeks is simple, one was the Easter holidays and the constant presence of our lovely kids with hopefully what we like to call ‘quality time’ together with them and along with that we have fortunate enough to be so busy that we have had our heads firmly down working, either seeing clients and writing the physical listings that appear on eBay we literally have not had time to write our blog, which we really love to do!!

So, here’s to us all constantly striving even harder for both personal and business goals and being satisfied with our results and wihsing good luck to Belinda on Sunday, may you run a little bit faster to achieve your goal…you’ve trained really hard for it and I’ll be there shouting you on…and happy half way through the year to you all!!





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  1. Steve says:

    Welcome back girls !
    I thought my pc was playing up again ive got this new Windows 8.1 which is driving me crazy, i thought here we go again last time it was my emails that dissapeared now i thought Auction Girls.

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