Value and perceived value…

On speaking to a potential client this week I realised that the stark reality of how people feel about their own possessions varies enormously compared to how other people view them!  I guess we form attachments to ‘things’ that we own and are not always able to view them objectively!


When placing items for auction on eBay we know that being objective is absolutely crucial. With this in mind the starting price is absolutely key to either having a very successful auction…or not! Start the auction too high and you generate absolutely no interest, start it too low and run the risk of it selling for that low price!  However, we know that the most successful auctions on eBay do actually start at 99p.  Would we risk placing our clients’ items for auction at 99p? Probably not, but when we auction our own items this is exactly what we do.

So being realistic is the name of the game.  Once you commit to selling your items you have to detach yourself from it and ask yourself what would someone else be prepared pay for this…it is second hand, whether it cost you £100 or £1000 I have had my use from it and it is just cluttering up my home. Yes, you have to ask yourself what is it realistically going to sell for!

One of the greatest benefits to using eBay is that you are recycling items that you no longer have a use for with the benefit of regaining both financial reward and in addition hopefully the item is going to a home where it will be used again and be loved.

Coming back to our potential client, and I am sure she won’t mind me saying as I actually said it to her on the phone,  she was being  unrealistic about the value of her items and had placed them for sale on eBay at far too higher price. It did not come as any surprise to me or Belinda that they had not sold. The items, as lovely as they were, and in as good a condition as they were, were never going to reach the value that she was hoping for. Her perceived second hand value was never going to be met. You see, we all love our own items and hence the difficulty between our emotional attachment to an item and the realistic expectation of what another person may be prepared to pay!

And so step up to the mark AuctionGirl in our professional role selling on behalf of clients on eBay. It is our job to be objective about items we are shown for potential auction and to manage our client’s expectations and their perceived value. For us now we generally have a pretty good idea of what to expect from our auctions and our perceived values have definitely changed. But it’s easy for us to say all of this as we are not emotionally attached to the ‘things’ that we are auctioning. With all this in mind we always try our best to give our clients professional and honest advice!

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  1. Steve Venus says:

    Very true ! its amazing what value people put on their collectables ,when I value collections or single items ! and the price isn’t what the client wants to hear , more often than not they say “well on ebay I can sell it for higher ” very rarely they get their expected figure.

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