I received a phone call yesterday from a prospective new client and as ever when we receive one of these enquiries I always ask where they had heard about us. It’s crucial for us to know and monitor where our calls are coming from. The lady explained that she was clearing out her mother-in-law’s flat in Mill Hill and picked up the leaflet there. This potential new client lives in Whetstone and whilst I have other clients in that area, we had not actually leafleted there. It makes me smile to think that a leaflet that was lying on the floor has caught someone’s attention and they have bothered to keep it, check out our website and get in touch.

You may think that leaflets are a total waste of time but we really do get a fantastic response.  I am amazed when people say that they have hung on to our leaflet, sometimes for several months! At the end of the day, we provide a service that must appeal to everyone and that’s because we all have some clutter or another in our home. It may all be stuffed to the hilt in the garage, the loft or hidden in rooms around the house but the fact is that we all have items lying around. Let’s face it, it’s therapeutic having a good clear out.  They read the strapline ‘turn your clutter into cash’ and think they’ll hold onto it until they are ready to de-clutter.

The line that people usually say to me which makes me smile when I tell them what I do usually goes along the lines of I have so much clutter in my garage…or in my loft. I’ve got my own theories on what I expect to find in both places but I’ll keep those to myself for now! The golden rule that we follow is that you never know what you’re going to see when you turn up at a door irrespective of the type of property.

Because of the nature of what we do, we find that we always get a good response to whichever form of advertising that we are pursuing. However, we have to make choices as to where to spend our advertising budget.

We usually decide upon our advertising over a three month period. When it comes to advertising in magazines we usually like to commit to 3 months within one publication. This is known to many as the three plus rule – your target audience needs to be exposed to your advert  (or message) at least three times before you can achieve any sort of impact. Some will tell you that this figure is much higher. I can only speak from experience of the service we are selling. Our adverts generate enquiries because people are curious and will make the phone call to see what the ‘turn your clutter into cash’ business is all about.

Quite often though what tends to happen is that I worry about what we have ahead of us to list. I’m always thinking about the pipeline. As I write there must be at least 30 items that are outstanding. These are items that clients have given us the go ahead to sell but the listings still need to be written. It’s a balance between wanting to be really busy but also managing our own lives especially at what is a very busy time of year for us as well as everyone else with the festive season rapidly approaching. I know exactly what appointments we have over the next couple of week and the types of items that these potential clients are looking to sell so there is plenty ahead. You see I came from a sales background and so always think about sales before anything else such as operations (and most definitely anything accounting related)! On that note I shall wait for Marla to force me into a meeting with the accounting. I can tell you now I’m already busy on that day!


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