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Marla & I had an idea just over a week ago to set up a group on Facebook. This group would offer Tips for those who sell on eBay for themselves.

I naturally had a good look on Facebook to see how many other similar groups were out there. I could see that there were some groups in the US and obviously those that eBay run themselves but certainly not much more than that.

The idea came about as a result of belonging to a number of groups on Facebook. I suspect that people buy and sell successfully via these groups because they find it easier than using eBay. Frankly, eBay is tricky to manage if you aren’t really sure what you’re doing. I don’t think it has a particularly user friendly interface so totally understand why busy people go for the easier option. All they have to do on Facebook is post a quick photo and a sentence and the job is done. Plus the fact that it doesn’t cost anything!

There are costs incurred with selling on eBay as I know only too well but more often than not you will end up with more money for reasons such as having a much larger audience at your disposal. There is of course some work to be done – uploading photos, writing about the item and then arranging collection or the dreaded packing and queuing at the Post Office – but certainly on bigger items I think it is definitely worthwhile!

So if you’re reading the blog today please check out eBay Top Tips group on Facebook. It’s in its infancy but I’m really keen for the group to grow:

  1. Please join the group
  2. Ask anything you want and we’ll answer your queries
  3. Queries such as – postage prices, what to start an auction item at, is a buy now or an auction listing better, is the item worth selling or better to take to the charity shop, what’s a realistic price to expect on an item
  4. Share your own experiences
  5. Please invite your friends to join the group

Why did Marla & I set this up? We both have lots of friends who sell their own belongings on eBay and believe it or not we have clients as well who do it. But then they are scared of selling the bigger items. We have realised over 4 years of running www.AuctionGirl.co.uk that we don’t have time to take on everything now and looking ahead we are better placed to assist with seller small high end items or large items such as kitchens, complete sets of furniture and consumer appliances and electronics.

So if you know anyone wanting help then please mention this new group and ask them to join eBay Top Tips. I’m hoping that there will be some useful pointers on there and that people will also share their own buying and selling experiences on there as well.

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  1. Steve says:

    As always an interesting blog , which I enjoy reading over lunch

    Kind regards


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