No more running talk (well for a while anyway)!

The London Marathon came…and it went. And in 4 hours 37 minutes and 3 seconds it was all over. If I hadn’t hugged the family for as long as I did at Mile 18 I would have recorded a time of 4:36!

I’m a bit niggled by the 423 seconds that took me over the 4:30 that I was eluding to. In fact, I actually felt a tad low on Monday after the race. That would probably be in part to the aches and pains in various parts of the body. However after plenty of food and water yesterday and a good sleep I’m feeling much better. So you know what that means? I may just have to give it another go. I had hours to think about this on Sunday and what kept going round in my head mind was whether I have it in me to do a sub 4:30 marathon. I think I have so therefore I may well be applying for a place when the ballot for the 2014 event opens next week! For the moment and once I have recovered from this event my focus will be running some 10K races and possibly another half marathon at some point later in the year.

So now that’s over, I’m feeling like I need to readjust a little. The last couple of days I have sat down to work as soon as I have taken the kids to school and it just feels a bit odd. Usually I’d be pounding the streets waving to people as they drop their kids off or on their way to work. On one hand I feel like I can sit down and have some time to think as well but it feels strange as well and I need to get used to that.

Fortunately we have plenty to be getting on with. This week we have a number of appointments in the diary which include selling a couple of kitchens and some beautiful Portmeirion china that Marla is going to view tomorrow.

We have been amending our leaflet and they are almost ready for print so the next job is deciding which area to advertise in. At the same time we are also thinking about advertising in information packs with a local estate agent. This would be something new but an obvious place for us to be positioned and I think it’s a great opportunity.

I don’t want to get too excited about the slight improvement in the weather but it may just be time to dig out the gorgeous designer sunglasses that we have been storing and start listing them.

I shall leave you a top tip for the week ahead, a suggestion in fact. Go into your garage and see what you are storing in there. If you have items such as bikes, netball posts, table tennis tables or other items that people think about selling in the spring then now is the ideal time to start listing them on eBay. And whilst you’re in there, if you come across some unused boxes of tiles, or other bits and bobs then get them listed. My find of the week in my own garage by the way was an unused dog flap. We purchased it four years ago but it was the wrong size. I put it on at £0.99 and it sold for £28.99! Enough said. Wishing you all a great week ahead.

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  1. Steve says:

    Well done on that excellent time in the marathon

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