The end of a busy “eBaying” year

I write this blog as the final blog of the year. The next two Tuesdays are bank holidays so the blog is having a couple of weeks off but full service will resume in the New Year! So as 2012 draws to a close I am really looking forward to the break. The last 3 months have been our busiest trading period to date. It’s been great but exhausting and I am hoping for some wind down time over the next couple of weeks.

The last week in particular has been fraught trying to prepare listings of items that we think may be a great Christmas present. It has only now dawned on me that whether it’s a gift or a household item more often than not people will still want it before Christmas. And every time we think we are there Marla phones me, back from another appointment, to advise that she thinks we have time to write the item up in time for Christmas. Whereas normally we have items finish on a Sunday, over the last week they have been finishing at various days and times so that if it is paid for quickly then it can be dispatched before Christmas.

We are now still working hard but not visiting any more clients now until after Christmas. Over the next few days our aim is to photograph everything that we have outstanding. I would anticipate that to be around 80 pieces of clothing and a substantial amount of furniture that is to be listed for the New Year.

It’s difficult trying to second guess consumer spending habits over the Christmas break. Will people be buying having received money as a Christmas present, but looking for bigger bargains then normal or will they not be spending as much? Who knows?

So, looking ahead I’m keen to ensure that 2013 will see AuctionGirl grow from strength to strength. I’m keen to grow the business and take it to the next level. We have a vision and we really need to start working out how to get there. We are never short of work – from the amount of advertising that we do we are always busy so if we want to grow then it seems obvious to me that we need to increase the amount we are doing in different areas. However, to do that we need to start thinking about recruiting people on a part time basis.

My personal objectives for the New Year are to actively look for people to write listings and also people to pack parcels. I also need to take time out and be strategic on a weekly basis. It may only need a small amount of time, such as the time it takes to write a blog. I recognise that one of my weaknesses is throwing myself into the day to day tasks and not thinking bigger picture. I like cracking on dealing with clients and writing listings but I have to think bigger picture.

It wasn’t that long ago – about two years ago – that I felt precious about anyone else delivering our own leaflets. I soon came to realise that I wasn’t able to do everything. Well it’s a little like that now. I have to step back and be able to pass on my knowledge that I have acquired and this in turn will allow the business to grow. I accept that there will be many challenges along the way but we have come such a long way and I know that AuctionGirl can grow further.

So I sign off for the last time this year and wish all my blog readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The blog will back on Tuesday 8th January.

All the best, Belinda x

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