That all important listing title…

It can be very difficult to determine just one element of being a successful “eBayer” because a real cocktail of ingredients makes an item sell well on eBay. I’ve thought long and hard about what is important and as we are selling on behalf of people they have to be happy with suggested starting items that we provide.

However, there are hundreds of thousands of items listed on eBay and the first challenge is to get a potential buyer to see your item coming up when they search. So, having a clever and smart listing title is absolutely crucial. The listing title is used to describe the item that you are selling. You have just 80 characters to write succinctly exactly what you are selling.

I have written below some tips to help anyone selling on eBay that are vital to take into account when writing that all important listing title.

  • You have 80 characters to describe your prized possessions. Get as close as you possibly can to using them all up!


  • Don’t worry about the title making any sense as a sentence. In the majority of cases it really doesn’t matter. It’s about using the words that buyers are going to be searching on that counts.


  • Include as many buzz words as you can possibly think of. For instance if you’re selling a coffee table, could it be possible that someone may want to use it as a side or end unit? You have a dresser to sell but some people might call it a display cabinet as well. If there are other words you can use to describe your item then ensure you get these words in too.


  • Conjunctions (or little words) really don’t matter – they’re just not needed so avoid using them where possible.


  • Learn some of the eBay jargon! If I have a few characters  remaining then I might write something like this BN (Brand New) BNWT (Brand New With Tags).


  • Is there more than one way of spelling a word? If you think it can be spelled (or spelt) in more than one way then write both ways into the title. In this instance I’m thinking of M&S / Marks & Spencer or Fridge or Refrigerator!


  • Is there a common misconception that a word can be spelt in different ways? Spell it both ways would be my advice. Marla & I will have discussion about how a word is spelled and sometimes there is no right or wrong so I spell it in both ways.


  • If you’re selling white goods ensure that the Model Number is written in correctly. And you don’t need to write the word Model in. Buyers won’t be searching on that. They’ll be looking for the number of the item. It might look odd in the title but it just doesn’t matter.


  • If you find that there are some characters remaining and you feel that the item has been described in the best possible way then try and think of some adjectives to use that will leave the buyer with some perception of what they are buying. This would involve using words like: stunning / size / large / solid. When they open up the listing they then have a feeling of a what it is your selling without having read anything.

If anyone has any other tips they would like to share on this then please do let me know. Remember that whatever you may be selling, whether it is worth £5 or £500 you should be making the buyer feel like it is special and the listing title is one very simple way of doing this. Go and look at an item that is listed as a Pine Coffee Table (17 characters including spaces) and then check out a listing that is written as Solid Pine Traditional Style Rectangular Shaped Coffee Table Wax Finish (approximately 71 characters used there). Which instantly looks better?

Give it a go and I do believe it will make a difference. I’m happy for anyone reading this blog to send me the item they are selling and I’ll help with the title so you can see what a difference it can make. Allow yourself a minute or two to review those all important words and see if they can be improved in anyway. And good luck!




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