Feeling pressure (must be the end of term)….

I have to hold my hands up and say that I really don’t feel like I had a great working week last week. It was one of those really “bitty” weeks with lots of chores needing doing and I had non-work related appointments to fit in as well. I sometimes think it can be good having something to do that breaks up your working day routine. It makes you become very focused on the hours that are available to crack on with the job in hand. Last week that didn’t happen and all in all it wasn’t as productive as I would have hoped.

Last week was just one of those weeks where I was ploughing along and for every two steps forward I ended up making three steps back. Whilst it felt like I wasn’t getting anything done it wasn’t totally true. For instance I found a Twitter friend who asked me to write a blog post for her website that basically provides a platform for Home Grown or family run businesses. And she has way more followers on Twitter than me so I could hardly refuse.

Marla, managed to throw in last week as well that I needed to write some blogs ahead of myself so that when we are away the blog can carry on rolling. Cheers Marl for the added pressure!

Silly things have annoyed me. For instance, I have had some pieces of silver sat in my office for about 3 weeks. We have sold everything for this client apart from the silver and a set of silver. And I am cross with myself because in good faith I have said probably three times each week that I am going to price these pieces and just haven’t got round to doing it. So I am now typing and annoyed with myself. So much so that if I can get this post finished in time I’m going to go log onto the silver hallmark website and price the pieces. Oh and if anyone reading this can tell me how I can deduce if it is better to sell for scrap than to sell on eBay then please get in touch and tell me – I would love to hear from you! (um Bel…don’t know how to tell you I have just picked up another three pieces of silver from a client….)

Then I was out at the end of last week and someone asked me when the kids were breaking up from school. I said that I couldn’t remember the date and it must be about 6 weeks away. She looked at me like I was mad (quite possibly) and said it can’t be that long. She is absolutely right it isn’t. It’s actually less than 4 weeks now. School holidays. I actually have some nice things planned with the kids and have the intention to do some days at camp but need to fill the forms in! I wouldn’t mind but once they are booked I will feel so much better.

It was a bit like trawling through the ream or mound of paperwork that was sat next to my desk last weekend. I have to confess that I threw a small tantrum at my other half as I had this huge pile of papers. He was brilliant helping me sort them out and as much as I somehow wanted to say that the pile of paperwork was somehow his fault it really wasn’t (everything else is though). No, for a change he is in the good books having bought me a new running watch for my birthday he is on extra brownie points (for at least the next week)!

Anyway I suppose that point of that tale is that stress can be relieved if you just tackle the situation head on. Pathetic I know but I can’t tell you how much better I felt having worked through this load of paperwork and starting to collate the camp information. I think it needs to be a mid Year resolution not to bury my head in the sand or under the paperwork but to tackle it head on.

Right, rant over for this week. I am absolutely convinced that over the last couple of weeks I have massively missed exercise and having the endorphins running around my system. Well so far so good this week on the exercise front. The dodgy knee still isn’t quite right but I have decided to take the view that people run on far worse injuries and ailments. I’m going to get back into the exercise routine and coupled with working hard I’m going to be positive and look forward to a great week ahead!

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  1. Amanda Garey says:

    You made me feel normal again after reading your blog!! Ha ha ha ! I have come to the realisation that chasing ones tail is very much normal, juggling everything to run like clockwork is all in a days work, the balance is hard but satisfying when achieved! Have a great week and whenever is good to take pic of table let me know! Amanda x

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