The world of Twitter according to a novice…

The world of Twitter according to a novice…

Social media are two words that strike fear into me. I was an extremely late starter to Facebook. Bluntly, I couldn’t see the point of it. And now I am cross that it took me so long to sign up to it! I try to use Facebook as a balance for my private life and work life. The other week I desperately needed a recommendation for a courier as I needed some white goods moving within a couple of days and my usual men with vans were not available. One quick posting to my Facebook page I found a new courier and what a brilliant find! And thanks Sam!

In a similar sort of way I have decided to give Twitter a go but am doing this purely for work purposes. It’s funny the social media side as I really don’t know a huge deal about it. My other half uses it regularly for his job but I was quite sceptical and was not sure if it was for me. My fear is that like Facebook you can end up spending hours thinking of what to Tweet and reading what others are Tweeting about but possibly end up achieving very little. Marla my fellow partner in crime uses Tweeting for work and for her love of triathlon’s and I hope she doesn’t take this the wrong way but she hasn’t really been using it that regularly. Most Tweets were being posted straight to Facebook and whilst she was posting about auction items of the week she was not really interacting with other Twitter users. I guess I was more sceptical and if I’m being honest couldn’t see the point so I was actually quite grateful that she was doing something which was better than nothing! She always proofs the blog by the way so if this is wrong she can always change what I have written! …. (“As if I would dare change what has been written!”)

In the last 3 weeks we have both decided to step up and start doing it a bit more proactively. The excitement in the first couple of days of getting a new follower was a bit like the excitement of when I first started out on eBay and someone would watch one of the auctions, never mind bidding on anything!!!

So I have been Tweeting regularly and teaching myself this whole new world of social media, hashtags, follows and words that I really thought had totally different meanings! At the end of last week I really felt that I was getting somewhere when I established contact with a company who have asked me to write a piece for their website. They basically promote and write features on parent founded companies and have asked me to write a piece. They have way more followers than I do so it’s a great start.

Twitter really is a whole new world out there. I try not to spend hours reading what everyone else is doing but try and set myself little challenges so I feel that I am getting somewhere with it. If for instance I am waiting for the kids to finish an activity and have arrived a couple of minutes early then I shall try and think of something to Tweet quickly. Or failing that will reply to a Tweet that someone else has written.

Only at the weekend my lovely friend Diana was a great sport and joined me to watch my son play a tennis match (what a friend that is when it didn’t involved any of her kids). She wanted to know what was going on in the match play at Queens or more to the point why one of the finalists had been disqualified. Anyway, she sat there reading and tracking the coverage on Twitter as opposed to using a website news feed. Sounds stupid but that really made me think that Twitter is something that can benefit our business. So on that note all that is left for me to finish with is to say that if any of my regular blog readers enjoy using Twitter then here are our usernames. Please follow @BShapps & @AuctionGirlcouk and we will of course follow etiquette and follow you back!

Time for a coffee and whilst the kettle is on I’m going to think about my next Twitter plan of attack! Wishing you all a great week! Bel x (AKA @BShapps)




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