Men…(enough said)!

I’ve said before that on occasion I can churn out a blog in what feels like no time at all. Then there are other times where I sit and stare at the computer for what feels like an eternity and cannot think about what to write about.

My usual aim is to actually write it in the car on my laptop when my youngest son is having a half hour tennis lesson on a Saturday morning. I say laptop which to most of you would probably be an iPad but I don’t have one as the PC support man in my house has already told me that he won’t help me set it up. Pathetic of me I know and that alone is making me think I should get one but that’s a story for another week…

Moving on….my blog this week contains some random thoughts about the impact that they (or men) have on my business. You see I know exactly where I was when I realised that I had some potential material for my blog. It was actually over the long bank holiday weekend and I was chatting to Marla (for a change) on the phone. We started talking, don’t ask what about. I honestly can’t remember what or who in particular it was about but I suddenly piped up: That’s a great idea for a blog.

I was peeling potatoes and she was sat by the computer and I made her go to my Blog folder and start tapping away at some random thoughts that I had so that I wouldn’t forget them. These thoughts have grown over the period of the last week or so and below you will find the result of this week’s blog. I hope they make you smile, chuckle or maybe even groan!

Men….  if only I had a pound for all the phone calls I receive from lovely ladies who book an appointment….only to call me the following day and say that they have told their husbands and actually they are going to do it for them. I have heard this time and time again.

However, I would like to dedicate this week’s blog to the one fine gentleman who told his wife just that and then he had the decency to call us and say that actually he had changed his mind and would like us to sell their items on his behalf.

Men…. who are married to AuctionGirl’s. They are long suffering. They have had their precious garages invaded with white goods, cartons of dining services and  sports equipment and the list really does go on. And do they moan? Of course they do. What is it about a garage that makes it so precious?  I don’t want to state the obvious but there is no heating in there, no TV, no beer fridge so why can’t we put some of our items in there?  On a serious note thanks AuctionBoys for being so supportive to Trotters Independent Traders – your advice and support is and always will be invaluable (and we do listen sometimes)!

Man…. who I paid to deliver 5000 leaflets and didn’t. You actually really offended me and insulted my intelligence but I’m over it now and I just want to say thank you. I know you didn’t do it because I started my business delivering leaflets and so know what the return rates are. Anyway, you did me a favour because I have found a fabulous delivery company who actually do what they say. JogPost, have been a complete blessing and I look forward to doing more business with this fabulous leaflet distribution company.

So there you have it. Sometimes men are my biggest obstacle to trading on eBay but it’s just part of the challenge. Some businesses have far bigger issues to confront on a daily basis. I am confident that at we offer a great service to private and business customers alike.

I’ve actually decided to stop tapping away now but I have really enjoyed writing this blog as I have smiled the whole way through writing it – and that’s because I am thinking about how much material there is for another week!

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2 Responses to Men…(enough said)!

  1. Melanie Solomons says:

    I am now using you guys for the second time and my friend has added a few bits to my box of goodies for you to sell, my husband still doesn’t know I am using you as he has promised me to sell our stuff on ebay for 2 YEARS! ha!

    • admin says:

      Hi Melanie, thanks so much for you comment, we love that you know where we are coming from!!
      Marla and Belinda

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