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I feel a confession coming on. Don’t worry, it isn’t one of those whereby you have to state your name and say what is wrong with you. Although, there are some days where I probably should!

I have to own up and say that I have really taken social media seriously over the last nine months or so. I had always been quite against having my own Facebook page. But bluntly, once the reality dawned on me that not only could it be fun but it could also be used for the purposes of then I became a changed person and in the middle of 2011 finally entered the Facebook world! I have what some would see as a pathetically small number of FB friends. Some of them (such as nephews and nieces) would probably rather not know me. (I love seeing their faces when I “Check in” when we all go out, they cringe – can’t think why)!!! So I tend to perceive myself as a rather late starter to Facebook but ever since I can assure you (well my husband and kids will) that I have embraced the networking and technology.  It didn’t take me long to get the phone app on my mobile front screen!

Moving onto Twitter, the ladies at AuctionGirl (in my opinion) are still battling a little and trying to come to terms with how we should be using it. More lingo and hashtags later and if I’m being honest I’m still a little confused. So I’ve taken the decision to delegate and have left that side of the business to AuctionGirl Marla to work out. I’m not convinced we both need Twitter accounts (you’ll see why I little later in the blog). Instead, I eagerly await an AuctionGirl tweet each week to see where we are clearing clutter or to read about our eBay item of the week. Just writing about it is making my head hurt! In all seriousness I hate not understanding the technology as I know we should be using but for now I think there are other means of media that could prove more beneficial to us as a business.

So finally a few weeks ago the ladies at AuctionGirl decided to investigate the opportunities on LinkedIn. I had registered a while back but other than a couple of profile details I really hadn’t thought about using it correctly. After receiving a number of requests from other contacts I thought that it would make business sense to look into it in more detail. We started by having a little contest to see who could get more business contacts and have to say that Marla was the winner hands down! I get LinkedIn, well I’m starting to and can see that certainly in our profession you could imagine other companies being interested in using our services.

However the problem that I see is that when you are trying to make and feel you way around such sites and understand the concept you can feel like that you are really time wasting and messing around as opposed to doing “proper work”. But then on the other hand I completely acknowledge the importance of building up contacts. I know that if I can work out correctly what to post and what messages to get across and what groups I should be commenting in then I know that it will be of some significance to the business.

If I’m being honest I’m also a bit scared of saying the wrong thing or posting up the wrong information. You see (and this is a true story) it reminds me of the time that I thought I had written a direct message to my husband who had posted a Tweet on Twitter. I genuinely believed I had posted a direct message back to him…except I hadn’t. I had inadvertently posted a message back to all his 20 000 + followers telling him how much I was looking forward to seeing him that evening. That was all it said (honestly) but you can see my predicament and hence phobia can’t you – I’m a bit scared of making the same mistake again – although it would be guaranteed to give one or two a chuckle!!!

So there you have it for another week, on this occasion it’s a small insight into my own experience of social media. It’s taken a while and I wouldn’t quite say I’m there yet but like with anything new that you undertake,  it’s great to keep on learning. X

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2 Responses to Bel’s social network!

  1. Dean Brazier says:

    Hi Bel
    Great post . We use Facebook (4200 fans and growing) and Twitter a lot at work, but also you tube (company site) for travel vids. Linked in more for personal contacts, but we do have a company profile, but not doing much with that.
    We also have a blog for travel news and views. Not selling just reaching out there. Everything though relates or links back to our website. Thats where the sales messages and call to action happens
    Keep it up. I enjoy your posts and from what I can see you are doing a lot of the right things.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Dean, thanks for reading this Dean. Will check out your website as it’s always good to get other ideas. Thanks for being a regular reader. Bel xx

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