You know the business has got legs when….

The ladies at AuctionGirl (or the birds as Marla referred to me the other day when posting up the on Facebook) have been working extremely hard. We are exceptionally busy fielding enquiries, going on appointments, writing the listings – thanks Miriam you’ve been a great addition to the team – and then arranging collections or sending the items out via courier. The days just fly by.

I’m not sure at what point I realised that the business had got legs – I don’t think there was one specific event that occurred. I remember my other half one day walking in from work and when he asked how my day was I just looked at him and said I think I’ve created a monster – I showed him my phone and all that he could see were missed phone calls and anonymous numbers from potential new clients.

I started thinking that if I can have 100 items on eBay per week then what do I have to do to get to 300 items per week. There is quite clearly no shortage of clients out there but we have to be able to cope with the increase in demand otherwise it will all be in vain!

We get a great response from advertising in good magazines. We have had two very successful adverts in Optima Magazine since the start of the year. This is a very good fortnightly publication that is distributed to 42 000 homes in South West Herts and parts of Middlesex.

In truth, I’d really like to advertise in some other publications that I have identified but as it stands currently I know we would not be able to manage. Our immediate priority is to train the AuctionGirl Listers writing the copy. I spent a great part of last week writing the manual that will help them with this but then it takes my time away from doing other things – it’s a vicious circle! As one who has come from a sales background I often hate taking my eye off the sales aspects of the business but totally appreciate that this is something that is totally required in order to grow the business in the long term.

So if that isn’t enough to do we are checking out new eBay software for uploading the listings and I am trying to teach that to myself and need to be au fait with it before teaching others. I get very grumpy if I can’t work it out straight away. I always remember which of my parents attempted to try and build something and then read the instructions afterwards so I must take after them!!

So I am not properly focused at the minute as my mind is going off in so many varying directions and not focusing smartly in one particular area. It can be so easy to go often on a tangent but my other half tries to keep me on the straight and narrow. It isn’t because I am not focused but you can so lose sight of the direction that you are travelling in.

For instance, I have had a couple of calls from some networking groups inviting me to go along to some meetings. Now I am all for being sociable (I love a glass of Prosecco with friends after a fraught week) and totally get networking but the hours are so precious at the moment that whilst I recognise the merits of doing it I just can’t fit in. It would take a chunk out of the middle of the day and so I had to politely decline the invitations.

I am keen to establish some links with local estate agents – now this shouldn’t be too difficult considering that I worked in one for a couple of years. There is an obvious synergy for people moving home wanting to make use of our service. I need to call them and see if we can advertise with them. But again, it is finding the time to put those calls in that is the problem.

Looking at Google analytics on the website and I realise just how far the business has come in the last year alone – the figures have doubled so we know that we are doing is working. I hope those reading this week’s blog won’t be taking this moan too seriously. I have to remind you all that I absolutely love what I do and I just have to get this little monster back under control and move the business forward. And quite when I’m going to do that in half term week is another story….

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