Running The Royal Parks!

Running The Royal Parks

I’m happy. And that’s because my next half marathon training programme has started. I am now training for the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 9th October. The 12 week programme has commenced and I am now in week two. The first week was a bit messy as I missed two training sessions due to coming back from the States and being jet lagged from my weekend wedding away.

Whenever these programmes commence I am always full of enthusiasm especially on the first day as that’s a rest day so I take that day very seriously! The programme has been designed to try and run a sub two hour half marathon. It’s a tall order but I’m always one for a challenge so will certainly try and give it my best shot.

I find that I often struggle with running when I am not training towards a targeted goal. It’s not that I don’t enjoy just leaving the house and going for a run round the lanes but I seem to struggle. Really and truthfully, I enjoy the pressure and like having something to aim for.

The other thing is that friends will often think that I find it easy. FACT: I don’t. Often, the hardest runs are the shortest ones because you have to really try and be focused and get the most out of it.

The training is important because I’m absolutely certain that it helps me clear my head for working on I will often feel like I’m battling trying to fit everything into the working day as I’m sure do lots of people in their hectic life. However, I do believe that once I have completed my run and showered and changed, your head is ready to deal with the working day ahead.

Running provides you with important general thinking time. I mean if I wasn’t running I know that I would not put the same amount of time aside for thinking about such things as solving problems, growing the business and other such ideas. I know that I am not a creative person and doing this sport really does provide me with time to reflect.

So if you are reading this and just don’t get running (and I understand why many people don’t) then just humour me or at least just wave to me when you next see me on the street! Anyway, all of this really pales into insignificance when I can tell you that my fellow AuctionGirl colleague is currently training for a half ironman later in the year – that’s a consecutive swim, bike and run and incredibly impressive. I must ask her if she thinks about working and growing our business when she does that or if her body is just thinking about complete each aspect in one piece. Personally I’m just exhausted thinking about that!

P.S. My sales plug of the week is that if you have any sports equipment lying around gathering dust in the garage or a bedroom that is no longer required then please drop me an email: and I can help you sell it. In return, you can use the proceeds of the sale for buying a new pair of running shoes!

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