A good long think

I have just come back (literally) from a weekend in the US of A. A very good friend has rekindled a relationship with the love of his life from fifteen years ago and they have got hitched.  It really was an amazing weekend and I’m feeling rather jet lagged as you can probably imagine. Our special wedding gift for those of you who may be interested is that we have taken in his dog. She really is a gorgeous creature but I already have a dog, a loveable Golden Retriever and wasn’t looking for another one. The problem I have now is that the kids love her, hubby loves her and so I have been out voted. And I don’t need to tell you who does most of the “looking after”. She is beautiful it’s just that I wasn’t looking for another dog.

Anyway, moving on…. it was sitting on a long transatlantic flight that got me thinking about work. I was feeling incredibly guilty about dashing off for a long weekend. I had left a rather large handover with my fellow AuctionGirls. The latter part of the week is always rather manic at www.AuctionGirl.co.uk . There are countless questions to answer on items where the auctions are shortly finishing. The phone is going mad with enquiries coming through from the early part of the week where our AuctionGirl Agents have been leafleting. And then there are the listings to prepare for the following week. And that is without the appointments that we are going on and viewing and researching new potential items to auction. Oh and we are also using a marketing company to deliver our flyers. And I know they are being delivered as the phone is ringing… a lot!!

I was trying to determine the best way of dealing with that chasing your tail feeling. I mean in many ways I am incredibly organised. I pay huge amounts of attention to detail. For instance, I’m a stickler for ensuring that clients receive correspondence where there are any errors. I also have a colleague who proof reads every single listing to ensure that all mistakes are caught.

So in the last few weeks I have started working to a list as a way of trying to combat that feeling of drowning in work. The day dawns with a work list and scribbled on the other side of the pad is the “things to do non work list”. Don’t know why I bother with the non work list as by the end of the day I rarely tackle anything on there. In fairness, it’s only because I love what I do so much that I just focus on the work aspect in the daytime. The non work side will get done when I’m told off by other half for taking up too much space in the office!

But it was good to have a break as I could think about some strategy for AuctionGirl in the short, medium and longer term. I was quite upset when the battery died on the laptop as by that point I really was in full flow. Anyway, it doesn’t matter as it’s all stored in my head and scrawled down in my note pad to decipher at another time. As soon as my feet touched the ground, strategy was going to have to go on the back burner as I had just turned my phone on to several missed calls from new potential clients and existing ones who have more for me to view. And I couldn’t be happier!

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