My Other Half (MOH)

My Other Half (MOH)

As I was busily writing last week’s blog I came up with an idea for this week’s piece. When we first came up with the concept of writing a weekly blog, the other half had a mention almost without fail week in week out. Those loyal readers amongst you will know that he has not had a mention for a number of weeks so I just wanted to tell you that he is still around and as supportive as ever.

Actually I was smiling to myself last week when a very satisfied client told me how delighted her husband was going to be that he was getting his garage back. We had sold for her some bikes and beech kitchen chairs that were preventing her husband parking his car in the garage.  As I read the email that came through rather late last Sunday evening, my voice squeaked…and then I stopped. You see I was about to read the email out loud to MOH (my other half). But then I realised I had to urgently stop because if I read it out loud I knew the two things that he was going to say.

The first thing he would say would be full of praise. “That’s brilliant Bel. Have you asked her for a testimonial?”  Errrr, No, I forgot would be the answer.

The second comment would be “Well at least her husband is happy. I haven’t had my car in the garage for nearly two years. I thought you said you were selling those golf clubs. And when is that television being removed?”

Now you may be thinking that surely a pair of ladies golf clubs and a TV can’t be stopping the car going in the garage but there is more. In my defence I also keep all my packaging materials (absolutely essential for posting out items that we sell for our clients). I mean I have to store those boxes somewhere.

What makes me laugh the most – and I really hope that many of you appreciate this – is that the kitchen can have all sorts lying around and does MOH say anything? Nope. And that’s because it doesn’t even register. But the garage… the beloved garage… the least used part of the house needs to look like some sort of shrine. Am I missing something because I just don’t get it.

The other week he took a shot of me working and when I asked him to send it me so I could use it for publicity material, he refused point blank to send me the photo… until I had cleared the beloved garage, Amazing. No problem to walk over items in the kitchen (mainly his paperwork or items of clothing) but NO. The garage is holier than thou!

So, I guess the moral of this week’s blog is that if you need to keep another half happy at home. My advice would be to give a call and we would be very happy to get rid of all those excess items in your garage that are no longer required. Give us a call and we can help you to turn your clutter into cash!

P.S For those of you who know MOH you will know that this is totally true!

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