Staying Focused!

Staying focused

For those regular readers of the AuctionGirl blog, I feel that I often write about how much I love what I do. And if I don’t dedicate a whole blog piece to it I will often mention it in a paragraph.

But, one of the hardest challenges for me personally is staying focused on the job. Now that isn’t because I’m being distracted on mindless matter but the juggle of expanding a business coupled with spending time with husband and family, running a home, exercising oh and walking dogs, (I seem to have adopted the dog I was dog-sitting but that’s a story for another week) can be challenging.  Don’t get me wrong these are all my choices but I am just contemplating. I often wonder how do people who are self employed managed the tricky balancing act.

For instance, I’m trying to plan and as the school holidays rapidly approach, how am I going to continue expanding my business and spend time with the family? For me, it is an on-going dilemma.

I had an interesting discussion over the weekend with friends whilst we were having a particularly delicious BBQ. She is in a similar situation to me, kids of the same age and she had worked for herself for a few years but is now working up in London three days per week. We were looking at the pros and cons of both jobs. She felt that it was harder for me as I tend to work in the evening as well whilst when she gets home she tends to switch off. However, I have flexibility that she doesn’t have especially during the holidays and don’t have to deal with the regular commute.

There is certainly no right and wrong but it has to be what works for you. And, most importantly, you spend so much of your adult life in employment that it is important to enjoy whatever profession you choose to pursue.

I am very lucky because the family are very supportive of my job and I know that if you want it to happen then it will. After all, no matter what is going on in your life it is very easy to fill up that time. But sometimes I just wish that there were a few more hours in the day! Then again, don’t we all!

The list of things that I have to do this evening – packing items, researching new  auction pieces, finalising accounts, catching up with enquiries –  is getting longer as the day progresses but you know what, I love this business and I’m still pleased and determined to keep saying it for a long time to come!

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